Family Carers Team Update – June 2021

Carer Workshops Return to Face to Face!

The Family Carers Wellbeing Service is very excited to announce they are now facilitating face to face groups in June at the ‘Weoley Castle Community Centre’ (South Birmingham) and ‘Clifton Road Outdoor Centre’ (North Birmingham).

The sessions delivered at these venues will include: First Aid, Sleep Well and Relaxation, Mental Health Awareness in Children and Young People, Building Emotional Resilience after Covid-19 and Building Confidence and Self-Esteem after Covid-19.

They will be delivered in the East and West of the City later in the year. More information on all of this will be shared in the weeks ahead across our social media channels Twitter: MidlandMencapUK and Facebook: Midland Mencap.

Alternatively If you would like to book onto the sessions in the South and North now, please email: or call our helpline 0121 427 6404.

Spaces are limited to comply with Covid-19 Safety Guidelines, meaning booking is essential. Our courses are delivered in partnership with Birmingham Carers Hub, for their members. Membership is free and we will register you if you are not currently a member and want to attend.

Carers Wellbeing Support Groups and Walks…

As we move towards a return to a more normal way of life we will be re-starting our carer support groups in North and South Birmingham during June and look forward to returning members and new alike. These groups are a chance to relax and unwind, while meeting people in similar situations around caring roles; supporting one and other, as well making new friendships and learning things through guest speakers.

More information on these groups will be shared in due course through social media and of course, you can call 0121 427 6404 or email for more information and booking details.

Of course, we recognise not everyone is ready to return indoors, as we cautiously work out our paths back to a normal way of life and so Carers can also join us for a Wellbeing Walk, every Thursday at Woodgate Valley Country Park.

This session gives carers the opportunity to meet each other, support one another and get some well deserved fresh air to improve overall wellbeing and of course when summer arrives, it’s a place of natural outstanding beauty, especially in the sunshine! This session is facilitated by Sarah, if you would like to book on, please email:

Midland Mencap