Meet The Family Carers Wellbeing Team

To introduce Carers Week 2021, we wanted to tell you all a little more about our Family Carers Wellbeing team here at Midland Mencap. We work in partnership with Forward Carers to help delver the Birmingham Carers Hub.

Within the team, many of our colleagues have lived experiences of being parent/family carers. They are passionate about creating ‘carer-friendly communities’, where unpaid carers are recognised, supported and celebrated.

The team is part of our wider Community Services area and is supported by Dave Pickard – Head of Community Operations and Paul Jones- Operations Manager for Community Services.

Who’s in the team? The team is coordinated by Erin Lacey, who is also our train the trainer. She enables the team to be skilled, delivering a range of initiative wellbeing workshops for family carers.

Erin has a strong background in supporting and improving people’s mental health and wellbeing. She is supported by the following ‘family project workers’ – Rebecca Bankole, Sarah Lynch, Lara Carter, Jessica Frutos, Natasha Issac and Christina Hyland.

Whilst the team supports all unpaid carers, they also work towards ensuring key groups are supported too. These include parent-carers of disabled children and young people, in addition to older carers, who support those with learning disabilities and dementia.

The team uses a range of means to support carers; from 1:1 advice, support and guidance (case work), to support groups and wellbeing activities. Training, including first aid and manually handling are also a key part of how our Family Carers team support carers.

One exciting aspect to this amazing team is their work with creative partners such as Town Hall Symphony Hall (THSH), bringing fun, relaxing and accessible events across a variety of excellent art venues, to carers across the West Midlands.

Here at Midland Mencap, we are passionate about being able to lend an ear to those who need it. From paid or unpaid carers, if you need someone to talk to, we are always here to listen.

Our helpline runs 7 days a week – 0121 427 6404. Alternatively, you can drop our team an email at: or say ‘hello!’ via our social media: Twitter: @MidlandMencapUK and Facebook: Midland Mencap

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