Safe and Well visits from West Midlands Fire Service

The Carers Emergency Response Service (CERS) have recently supported some citizens with a hearing impairment to access a Safe and Well visit from West Midlands Fire Service. Following a referral to West Midlands Fire Service from CERS, the citizens received a Safe and Well visit that resulted in them having sensory smoke detectors fitted to their property, these are specially adapted sensors with a high-intensity strobe light and vibrating pad to alert the citizens when the smoke detectors are activated.

Safe and Well visits however involve much more than just fitting smoke detectors. The visits are carried out by operational firefighters, based at one of the 38 community fire stations across the City, and usually take around an hour. There are strong links between health, well-being and lifestyle choices and the risk of fire. This is why, with your permission, they cover a range of topics with a link to fire risk, including:

• Smoking, alcohol, medication and drugs
• Mental health, dementia
• Mobility including slips, trips and falls
• Hoarding
• Loneliness and social isolation
• Healthy eating and lifestyles
• Home security
• Road safety

A handbook complements the visit, providing vital fire safety information, general safety and health or well-being advice. A copy is left in the household, along with information on any actions or referrals/signposting made by the visiting crew.

If you are registered with CERS and feel a Safe and Well visit would be of benefit then please contact a member of the team on 0121 442 2960. If you are not registered with CERS but feel a Safe and Well visit would be of benefit to you then please contact our Family Carers Team at

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