Chloe’s Story

Chloe’s Story

Chloe is a very shy young lady who finds it difficult to speak to people, especially in group situations.

When Chloe first started attending our Queensbury youth sessions, she struggled to interact socially and was reticent to get involved with group activities.

However, the Midland Mencap staff team worked closely with Chloe to build her confidence and over the course of the sessions she made amazing progress.

The staff arranged a talent show at the end of last term and, to everyone’s surprise and delight, Chloe decided to enter. She went away and wrote her own song and asked her Mum to write it down for her. The song was all about how Chloe had struggled to talk to people at the club in the beginning but now felt happier and more confident. Chloe’s Mum told the staff team that she never thought that Chloe would ever get up in front of a group, let alone sing a song that she wrote. But she did!

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