Fahad’s Story

Fahad’s Story

Fahad Abdulkarim and his family moved from Saudi Arabia to the UK in January 2015. When he first joined Midland Mencap’s PA service, Fahad was going through a challenging time. This was a new country and a new environment full of new people that he didn’t know: something Fahad had never experienced before.

Along with all of the usual challenges that come with somebody joining a new service, there were language and cultural barriers and also medication needs that we needed to take into account.

But through working closely with Fahad and his family, making sure we had Fahad’s needs at the heart of everything we did and getting the right staff involved, we were able to overcome these barriers.

When Fahad first came to the Enterprise Hub he would only sit at the computer and watch music videos. He did not interact with other people. As a result of having a consistent routine, Fahad will now interact with others and take part in the sessions. In fact, he now enjoys coming to the Enterprise Hub so much that some days he doesn’t want to go home!

It’s been great to see Fahad develop over the past few months and to hear how happy his family are with his progress. They can see how far he has come since joining Midland Mencap!

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