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When is a Disability not a Disability?

We’re exceptionally disappointed at Midland Mencap by this article and the absurd suggestion that having a learning disability, often with associated additional sensory or health issues, may be no longer evidence that an individual has a recognised disability with regard to welfare benefit support. We will continue to campaign vigorously

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#SaveOurSupport Flash Mob Press Release

As Birmingham City Council meet to finalise the budget, which contains £5m of cuts to vital housing support services to the city’s most vulnerable citizens, the #SaveOurSupport campaign will be out in force supporting St. Basil’s in an awareness raising Flash Mob in Birmingham City centre at 12pm on Monday

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Accessible Cycling at Sutton Park

Over 100 people of all ages, many who had never ridden a bike before, attended our accessible cycling day at Clifton Road outdoor Centre, Sutton Coldfield. People were able to try out a wide variety of accessible bikes as well as go on supported 5km rides across Sutton Park. Everyone

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