Half-Term Escapades

26 February 2018
1 min read.

Tough to decide who had the most energy at the Enterprise Hub during February’s half-term play scheme session: The youngsters dashing about – laughing and whooshing through their sensory-saturated environment – or the staff members trying to keep up with them. The little adventurers making sand castles in the sand pit, diving deep into the ball pit, and running through the main hall with masks and dinosaurs, transformed the Hub into a wild fun-time hubbub.

Overseeing everything, with eyes in the back (and quite possibly the sides and top) of her head, is Narinder Sehmbi: Facilitator, activities organiser, Superwoman. Responsible for keeping the children safe and happy, with all of their individual needs met, she has her work cut-out but clearly delights in the challenge. Narinder loves to see happy smiling faces, and understands the value of days such as these, not least in terms of respite for busy Brummie parents.

Ciaran started at the Hub as a volunteer and has worked here for three years. His efforts are rewarded with a super-abundance of job satisfaction. Ciaran is a chilled dude who loves seeing the kids whizz about in a blur of excitement. Natalie works through an agency and, surprisingly, this is only her second day at the Hub. She thinks it’s fantastic. Natalie enjoys getting to know the children. Already she’s been praised for her skill and intuition.

Sully works part-time and loves the spirit and enthusiasm. He thinks it’s great that the kids can land here and willingly express themselves. Sully senses the Hub may have a number of resources the kids will not find at home. A burly good-spirited guy, he learns something new about his diminutive playmates every day.

Young Archie likes playing on the computers and initiating dodgeball games. His friend Zachary loves the ball pit and ‘role play.’ Together they dive into the soft play area and initiate a wild game of ‘dodgeball tennis,’ a high-energy activity that may have its roots right here at the Hub. Archie and Zachary, eager for victory in a sport of their own making, take it in turns hurling balls at each other and then batting them away, directly into the heart of the brave mob of spectators.

Half-term play schemes at the Enterprise Hub easily match the speed and endurance of Iron Man and Wonder Woman at peak performance – and you would have to search long and hard to find a hub containing more joy and youthful exuberance in the whole of the Second City.

-Tim Wright, Volunteer Reporter-