Free access to adapted and mainstream bikes for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors together as a family!


What is parkride?

We know that people lead busy lives so finding time to take part in activities together as a family can be a real challenge. For families of children with Special Educational Need and/or Disabilities (SEND) it can be even more difficult to find activities, events and things to do as a family.

parkride is a Fun, Free & Flexible inclusive family cycling project that provides the whole family, regardless of age or need with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors through cycling, together!!

parkride will provide families with access to a range of adapted and mainstream bikes to enjoy together for FREE!

T: 0121 442 2944

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What are the benefits of parkride?

There are many benefits to people’s health & wellbeing by getting outdoors and cycling, but doing it together as a family is also great fun!

parkride will:

  • Help you introduce regular exercise into your family life
  • Breakdown major barriers such as time, cost and hassle by providing different ways to take part in parkride, including led rides, fun events & challenges and the chance to come and go as you please
  • Provide different routes and distances around the park to suit your needs
  • Help build your confidence as a family to take part
  • Introduce you to other families as we create a parkride community
  • Support you to explore and enjoy the many other activities that take place within Sutton Park
  • Not expect anything from you. Unlike joining a gym or traditional sports club, parkride is all about the enjoyment of getting out together as a family. No competition, no judging just a warm and friendly welcome

there will be a wide range of adapted and mainstream bikes to suit all needs

this is for the whole family, regardless of need and will always be free

Inclusive Family Cycling is a great way to connect to all the activities that take place within Sutton Park

Where can I find parkride?

To start with parkride is exclusive to Sutton Park and can be found at Midland Mencap’s Outdoor Learning Centre, Clifton Road but soon we will have ‘pick up’ and ‘drop off’ points and ‘bike hubs’ dotted throughout Sutton Park.

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When can we ride?

Our aspiration is to enable families to come and go as they please. We will be developing technology that will enable families to access the bikes on their terms, when they want to.

But while we develop this, parkride will be delivering taster sessions in local schools and community venues, led rides throughout the summer and loads of fun family events!

Do we have to book?

We will be building up our fleet of adapted and mainstream bikes so that we can accommodate as many families as possible but to begin with we will be using a booking system to ensure everyone can enjoy parkride.

To book email

Will there be a time limit?

Many families we spoke to said they would usually want to access the bikes for between 1-2 hours so these would be the usual time slots available, although this may have to change during really busy times.

Is safety equipment provided?

Yes, we will provide helmets but families are more than welcome to bring their own. We will also provide you with all the information you need to use the bikes safely and give you everything you need to get out and start exploring.

Can we bring our own bikes?

Yes! We want to encourage the whole family to take part. We understand the challenges that families with children with SEND face doing things together, quite often siblings can’t get involved so yes, please bring your own bikes!

Get in touch @ parkride 🙂

 0121 442 2944