If working on your mental wellbeing is a goal and wish of yours in 2021, then a podcast might be best means for you.

Podcasts have become a fantastic tool for mental health in the last few years. From shows that make you laugh out loud (literally) to informative pieces, and even those that focus on meditation and mental health. There are a whole host of podcasts to choose from.

As 2021 gets going, we have listed our top 5 podcasts to help get your mind, health and wellbeing in check:

1. Sleep With Me: If you struggle to get to sleep, or stay asleep during the night, then Sleep With Me podcast is for you. Sit back, relax, and listen to the weird yet oh, so, wonderful bedtime stories narrated by the podcast team. Our rating: 5/5

2. The Happiness Lab: Take a journey with Dr. Laurie Santos and explore the science of Happiness. It’s a little more academic than the other podcasts on our list, but it is equally as fascinating. It’s especially fantastic for those who want to dig deeper into mental health and their own happiness. Our rating: 5/5

3. Radio Headspace: Inject a small dose of mindfulness to your morning with Radio Headspace. These short and sweet episodes are just what you need on your commute to work or school, allowing you to take that quick breather. Our rating: 3/5

4. NHS Coach to 5K: It may not get you fit quick, but this podcast will guide and coach you through the stages required to reach that goal of 5k. Plenty of motivation, excitement and hype, this podcast is a must for those wanting to push themselves physically and mentally in the new year. Our rating: 5/5

5. Fearn Cotton’s Happy Place: Fearn Cotton interviews a different person every episode, exploring mental health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. The beauty of her podcast is just how many different points of view and techniques people offer in terms of keeping your mental health as a priority in your life. Our rating: 4/5

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