A Chocoholic’s Delight

8 February 2018
1 min read.

It’s Tuesday afternoon at the Enterprise Hub and that means ‘Just Desserts’ and the chance for young and not-so-young wannabe chefs to roll up their sleeves and contribute to the making of a sensational sweet treat. Today’s tasty challenge is to create a batch of chocolate brownies to rival those of Domestic Goddess, Nigella.

Kelly has been coming to the Hub for about five years. Spooning butter into a mixing bowl, she tells me she has made lots of new friends here. Eddie says he likes watching MasterChef and loves making chocolate brownies. Louise fills a cup with sugar and enjoys friendly banter with Kelly. Nagina has been coming for an impressive eight years. Her favourite food is chips.

Sam Budd drops an egg into butter and tells me he likes rhubarb crumble. A man of great ambition, Sam would like nothing more than to create a delicious dessert for Leona Lewis. Staff member Tess confirms that only a couple of people attended this class when it first began. Now around twenty people drop-in to hone their culinary skills. One great thing about Just Desserts is that participants can take the recipes home and practice and perfect their favourite items.

Samma is a big fan of The Great British Bake Off. Clearly a chocoholic, she has made chocolate cake and chocolate muffins in the past. Samma is happy to come to the Hub, chat with her friends, and wait patiently for her hard work to emerge from the oven.

You can expect something spooky if you dare to approach Just Desserts at Halloween. Go there at Christmas and you’ll find glorious festive favourites. Thoughts are now turning to Valentine’s Day. So what will it be: Pink and red cookies? Sweet romantic cupcakes? Can’t wait to find out!

Tim Wright, Volunteer Reporter.