Frank Chapman Centre – Day 3

31 May 2018
1 min read.

After a bit of a longer sleep (for most anyway!) we woke up early to get ready for another day packed with activities. We had our breakfast of toast, cereals and fruit and then prepared for our morning. Today, Grace and Lucy joined us as volunteers to help out until Friday and we all gave them a big welcome. The weather was misty and damp this morning with potential thunderstorms in the afternoon, but we dressed accordingly and didn’t let it affect our fun!

Thursday was the second day off our round robin of activities including bushcraft, climbing, high ropes and archery. Everyone enjoyed their activities of making dens and fire, shooting arrows at targets, the reached new heights on the climbing and showed great teamwork on the high ropes.

For lunch we all made our own sandwiches again and then had some free time. We’ve all settled in really well now and love our free time together. We have even been asking for it on session!

This afternoon we were back out for our last round robin activity and the sun even came out for us! We then had some free time before it was time to eat; this evening we had a choice of pasta bolognaise or baked potatoes with toppings. We ate strawberry mousse for dessert.

After dinner, we all got dressed up for ready for the disco tonight! At 7pm the tunes started blaring and we all got our groove on! With our DJ Alex for the evening, we enjoyed old dance tunes like the Cha Cha slide and Macarena as well as the latest chart songs.

We were very lucky and the rain and storms held off and we ended the evening outside with the sun setting, having chilled conversations on the picnic benches and playing in the field.

It was then time for hot chocolate, packing and bed. We’re very sad that this is our last night here but looking forward to seeing our families tomorrow.

Stay tuned for our last blog post tomorrow!