Frank Chapman Centre – Day 4

4 June 2018
1 min read.

We all woke up very sleepily on our last morning at the centre and worked together to pack our bags and strip our beds before breakfast. We had our normal breakfast of cereals, toast and fruit and then made sure that all our belongings were in the common room ready for collection later.

When the activity bell rang, we headed to the horseshoe for our last activity of orienteering. We were split into teams and then listened to Chris as we learnt how to orientate our maps and use them to find the orienteering points. We initially started using the top site which we were all familiar with as this was also our free time area. When we had proven that we could use the map effectively, we headed to some orienteering points in the woods.

Lunchtime was upon us before we knew it and we headed inside for our awards ceremony. Gemma gave out the awards for best dormitory which was won by the Yellow Room (the older girls), bravery awards, teamwork awards and also the ‘yes’ awards. Gemma had also bought thank you cards and flowers for all the staff and volunteers.

After the awards ceremony we had burgers for lunch and homemade cornflake flapjack for dessert which was very tasty! We then had our last free time as we waited for our parents/carers to come and collect us.

We’ve all had a fantastic time on the residential and many of us didn’t want to go home. The staff and volunteers are very proud of how much we have learnt and how our independence throughout the week has grown. They are also happy with the improvement in our teamwork and with the friends we have made that we would like to keep in touch with.

That’s all from us…until next time!