Pros and Cons of Social Media

5 February 2019
1 min read.

Hello and welcome back to all my readers to this month’s blog for you. This month will be about social media and how it can be positive for people but also can be a negative experience. There are lots of ways to use social media be this sharing photos and videos of you and your friends and family as well as keeping in contact with people you care about who might live far away from you.

Sadly there are lots of examples where social media is used in the wrong way. Lots of people should happily get along but there are lots of people who fall victim to bullying on social media. I’ve been a victim myself and this left me feeling ashamed, vulnerable and isolated from friends and family. These messages had a major impact on people life’s and and it leaves people thinking why they were picked on? . Here’s a statistic about bullying online that I found “ Over 25% of adults and young people have been bullied repeatedly through their phones or the Internet.”

So I urge you to think carefully about what you are replying to online. Think about how you would feel if you got a hateful message as these words can have a serious impact on someone.

I am quite a positive person but it’s okay to say some days I still feel hurt from it and it’s alright to feel that way so let’s work together and stop bullying online. The good thing is that your friends and family are always there to support you if you have any problems online. As well I find it is also good to have a break from social media I love to go out with friends to the cinema to watch a movie or playing sports as you know I love hockey!

Thanks you once again for reading my blog and hope this has inspired you to be more positive to people online. I’m really excited about what I have to share with you all over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled! I was also recently part of the Midland Mencap’s new monthly Podcast so if you missed it you can listen or watch here!!

Tom Kirby – Midland Mencap Monthly Blogger