Keeping In Touch

23 March 2020
1 min read.

Dear colleagues, though everyone is working incredibly hard, and I thank you for everything that you are doing, this email is going out particularly to our frontline colleagues. I ask all of you to think of them, your colleagues are now working in unprecedented times and we must all hold them in our thoughts.

So to our frontline colleagues, I say this. These are the most demanding of times and you are working in the most difficult of circumstance providing care and support to our most vulnerable citizens. I want you to know that you are very much in mine and the rest of the SMT’s thoughts. Though the management team are remote working we are doing everything we can to support you and keep you supplied with the protective resources you need. The SMT are meeting twice daily by video conference to ensure we are responding to circumstances and Government directives.

I fully understand how difficult and worrying the pandemic is for everyone working on the frontline. You have already demonstrated remarkable resilience and fortitude and I want you to know that you have our full support and everything you are doing is appreciated beyond measure. I know that you are taking the best care of yourselves and following all directives and instructions. On behalf of everyone else at Midland Mencap and our Trustee Board and all of the citizens and families keep doing what you are doing, you really are the nations heroes. I’m immensely proud of you all and once we are through this we will find a way to thank you all properly!!

I will keep in touch with you as we go forward. Stay safe, stay strong and stay well……you are not forgotten

Bless you all

Dave Rogers, Midland Mencap CEO