Online Poetry Competition

16 November 2020
1 min read.

Recently we ran a poetry competition on our social media, asking people to write about their experiences on ‘Coping with Covid-19’
We had a fantastic response and put up a shortlist of entries on Facebook for people to vote for their favourite poem.

And the winner is?………………………………………….. Kath Hyslop!

Kaths poem really touched people, and she managed to capture the thoughts and feelings of everyone being affected by the virus in the current climate.

She said that lockdown has been really difficult for her so she started to think about what has happened and how she looks forward to when it ends. She had lots of ideas, and with the help from Mum she got them down on paper and had fun making it rhyme! Kath had never entered a poem competition before so was really happy when she won, as she didn’t even think she would make the top 5! – Well done Kath!

Coping with COVID-19 – by Katharine Hyslop

Covid-19 where have you been?
Where did you come from?
We know you’re new on the scene so,
Just where have you been?
I wish you’d go back there.

You’ve come into my life like a thief in the night,
Taking everything from me that I enjoy!
Like sport and meeting with friends.
You really do annoy!

I hear on the news that you’ve taken lives
That really is so shocking
My heart is breaking for the folk who have lost their loved ones.
When lockdown is over it’ll be you that we’ll be blocking.

Because Covid-19, a vaccine is on its way
And when it arrives, you’ll be the thing that we’ll be mocking.
We’ll be chasing you back to the place you came from,
Wherever it was, on that dreadful day.