Citizens Network – Meet Ashleigh

2 July 2021
1 min read.

My name is Ashleigh Jones, and I’m the ‘Citizens Network Connector’ at Midland Mencap. I’d like to introduce a new project we’re working on alongside the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) and the Activity Alliance called ‘Include Me’, that I’d love you to be part of!

The aim of the project is ultimately to enable people with a disability or long term health condition to develop a lifelong enjoyment and participation of physical activity and sport in a way that is fully accessible and inclusive for them, regardless of age, ability level or additional needs.

As well as this, we also want to look at accessibility issues as a whole so we can help encourage the necessary changes that are needed in order to diminish the difficulties we have to face and endure on a daily basis due to limited accessibility.

For that reason, as part of the Include Me project, we have recently set up a Citizens Network, which is designed to be a user-led voice for people with a disability or long term health condition, as well as parents, carers and other family members or support to provide them a safe space to communicate their issues and concerns surrounding accessibility in their local area in a way that will be heard.

Becoming involved with the Citizens Network is the very first step in allowing us to unite and develop a louder voice to encourage the changes needed to make the West Midlands the best it can possibly be for accessibility, and what better time to start taking action than in the midst of a pandemic, when everyone is planning and preparing for a new normal? Let’s make that new normal more accessible for us together!

For more information about the project, and to find out how you can get involved, you can contact me at or call 07912 269035.