PURE Project – Andrew’s Story

2 July 2021
2 min read.

Andrew has severe Autism and was not leaving his room. His Mother Glenys was very worried about him.

We met Andrew and created a relationship with him. We helped him created a CV for him and supported Andrew to do Volunteering at Moseley Private Park. This opportunity was so beneficial Andrew has really enjoyed going to the beautiful park where he is benefiting from the physical and mental health benefits and being in the fresh air. This has uplifted his spirits as he was feeling very depressed.

The Manager of Moseley Private Park Roweena greatly appreciates Andrew’s contribution she commented ‘ Andrew is such a hard worker and never misses a session it’s not just a token role to get the clients out of the house he loves the work and is now interacting with others. The Volunteers are currently laying down bark chippings from the dead trees which have been chopped down on the muddy paths making them safer to walk on.

Andrew’s Mom also saw how it had impacted her son by saying

“I am amazed that in less than a year you have encouraged and moved him on so far. Who would have imagined he would not only take part in his weekly volunteering at Moseley Park, but join a computer course and now even agree to attend the residential part of the course?! With his social anxiety, and being almost non-verbal and so wary with people, you have won his trust with your warmth and care.

I’m so happy at how he listens and responds to you, and I know he is encouraged and acts on your advice. I’m amazed that he will talk with you on his mobile, that is real proof of trust, as he usually only communicates via email or messages! Although he still feels anxious he has been able to overcome his fears with your support.

For me, you’ve moved a mountain! I was despairing and so worried about what will happen to Andrew when I’m not around to support him. I spend many a sleepless night wondering what to do, and you have eased that burden.
So, I want to say a huge thank you for all you are doing to help, support and encourage Andrew – and also me!”

Andrew’s confidence and motivation have greatly increased his Mum Glenys said the change in Andrew is unbelievable she cannot praise the support Andrew has received enough. Andrew has just applied to do the IT Users Level 3 Certificate at Fircroft College George Cadburys old home set in 8 acres. Andrew now wants to start work and believes the IT course will help him achieve this aspiration.

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