Midland Mencap’s Top Christmas Movies!

22 December 2021
3 min read.

It’s that time again, folks. The weather has turned colder, it’s getting darker earlier and you can’t help but be bombarded with Christmas music everywhere you go. But the debate on everyone’s mind around the office is ‘what is the best Christmas film?’ Whilst there are so many to choose from, we have narrowed it down to just five!

1. Home Alone

It’s a classic, isn’t it? From protecting the house from the baddies, to putting on aftershave (and immediately regretting it), Kevin is left home alone over Christmas by mistake. Whilst his family whisks off to Paris, he finds himself able to do everything he had always wanted to – staying up late, being in his older brother’s room and eating whatever he wants!

But how Christmassy is it, really? We’re giving it a 5/5 rating. From the music, to the feel-good, family factor, Home Alone has everything for a traditional Christmas film!

2. The Grinch (Who Stole Christmas)

For all you humbugs out there who hear the Christmas music in the supermarket (but wish you wouldn’t), this film is for you. The Grinch lives high in the mountains, away from Whoville, a town who are undeniably the ultimate Christmas-fans. He plans to ‘steal’ Christmas – from their tree to their spirit – there is just one small matter…Cindy Lou. It’s a family-friendly adventure about family, friendship and the spirit of Christmas. Even you humbugs will crack a smile at this Christmas movie!

That’s why we’re giving it a 4/5 Christmas rating – it’s funny, heart-warming and we think Max, the Grinch’s dog, is pretty cute, too!

3. Elf

If you are need of a film that is slapstick funny, that is so ridiculous yet wonderful; then Elf is the one for you. It is as if someone has sprinkles ‘Christmas joy’ over the entirety of this film.

Buddy, a human who was transported to the North Pole as a young child, struggles to shake the fact he is different to his friends, Santa’s elves. So, he heads off to New York in search of his long-lost Father – a business man who does not share Buddy’s Christmas passion. The film provides endless jokes and gags, as Buddy explores the meaning of Christmas.

Overall, it’s a hilarious, extra-Christmassy, film. We give it a 4/5.

4. It’s a Wonderful Life

We know we said Home Alone is a classic but…THIS is the definition of the word ‘classic’. Right? It felt wrong to not include this in our list. It is Christmas- film heritage, after all.

As George looks back on his life, in a dark moment one evening, he is shown by angels how his wonderful actions have impacted his entire town for the better. It’s a beautiful, yet very sad, film about the beauty of Christmas.

Purely for the fact it makes everyone cry at Christmas, we’re giving this film a 3/5. But saying that, it’s also a great film to nap through, just after your huge portion of roast dinner. (Not that we’ve done that before…)

5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

From chopping down a tree in the middle of nowhere, to a burnt-out turkey, to lights that won’t turn on (and then cause a power shortage…of the entire street), this film has the makings of a pretty bad film. However, you would be incorrect.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation provides laugh-out-loud entertainment for the whole family. It is so outlandish and ‘extra’, you can’t help but laugh. For everyone who is used to big family get-togethers over the holidays, this film explores all the things that could (and do) go wrong, in the most outrageously hilarious way.

This film deserves a 4/5 in the fact you can watch it year on year and still laugh at the jokes every year. Whilst the entire theme is Christmas, it isn’t so slapstick and in-your-face as Elf. It mixes the humour for children and adults as well, which gives a longevity to the movie.