Our frontline support staff have been superhero’s throughout the last year and a half hear first hand from a family member how the housing care and support workers have managed to continued to give the best support to Angela regardless of the circumstance.

“I just wanted to write to ask you to pass on to the team that work with my Auntie my thanks for everything that they have done for Angela during this past year. It has been a great comfort to my family and I that Angela’s entire team has gone above and beyond in their care for her during the pandemic.

Aisha was really quick to ensure that Angela was safe at home and not going out unless it was essential right from last February before we were in any kind of lockdown. She has been instrumental in getting Angela the vaccine as soon as was possible and her and Karyl worked to make sure that Angela had her vaccine at home – repeatedly chasing up the Dr’s until Angela was put on the home visit list.

I would like to particularly extend my thanks to the staff for the speed with which they organised for Angela and myself to Skype as we could not visit. It has been incredible to be able to see Angela each week and see how well looked after she is. For someone who we almost lost last year to infections and a mini stroke she looks absolutely amazing.

Aisha, Karyl, Rama and Solange are doing a fantastic job looking after Angela under some very difficult circumstances and to see how Angela has improved each week makes us very happy. The dedication of the whole team to Angela’s care is something I will be forever grateful for. I was very pleased to hear how quickly the staff were vaccinated and how they are not taking Angela out until she has her second vaccine and we are looking forward to visiting Angela as soon as we have all been fully vaccinated too.

Once again, thank you to the entire team at Midland Mencap for taking such fantastic care during such trying times.”

If you would like to learn more about how our housing, care and support services can support you or a loved one call us on 0121 442 2944 or email HCS@midlandmencap.org.uk.

Our residential respite services are open and accepting referrals. Our facilities are covid secure and offer a high quality, bespoke home from home experience for your loved one. Our two homes are in Acocks Green and Erdington but we accept referrals from across the West Midlands.

We know how important to you having a trusted respite provider is, especially now, and our respite offer has clear benefits for both family carers and the person being cared for.

For family carers our respite will provide you with the opportunity to:

Take the time you need for work, hobbies or relationships
Take a holiday or a break to relax and recharge
Look after your own mental and physical health
Attend medical or personal appointments


£164.29 per night
£1150 per week
£16.00 per hour for short break respite

We can also provide home based respite care by bringing our support service to your home

Both facilities are registered with the Care Quality Commission and rated Good, and all staff are fully trained and have enhanced DBS checks

For more information or to make a reservation please contact Emma Cavanagh on 0121 442 2944

Birmingham Multi-Care is a subsidiary of Midland Mencap

Midland Mencap is delighted to launch a brand new, unique and innovative service for people with a learning disabilities in Birmingham.

The high spec Tenancy Ready Suite, at our Hub in Weoley Castle, offers people the opportunity to learn and use a range of daily living and practical skills in preparation for living independently. The suite has four zones, a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and lounge that will let you experience, in real time, the reality of living in your own home.

The suite, furnished and equipped to the highest standards, will be supported by trained and experienced staff who will offer a range of practical advice and guidance that will allow you to become confident in your ability to manage your own home.

So from keeping your home clean and tidy, to cooking healthy and nutritional meals if you want to learn the skills you will need to live in your home the tenancy ready suite is for you. If you would like to visit the suite, find out more about it, or book a session in the suite then contact us on 0121 442 2944

The Domiciliary Care Service supported Naomi to help build her confidence and improve her well-being after spending time in hospital, experiencing Mental Health issues.

At first an assessment took place and Naomi was very open about her past Mental Health issues, and the help she needs organising her paperwork and ensuring she attends her health appointments. Naomi is registered blind and finds it hard in life to do the daily tasks that we complete quite easily.

A professional friendly approach works well and Naomi takes the lead with planning activities for the day. Ordering prescriptions, G.P. visits and picking up medication and prompting Naomi to take medication is very important to her and with a little help finds it much easier to cope.

Naomi likes to go to the shops and is supported whilst out in the community to cross roads safely and Naomi will gently hold your arm for reassurance, whilst in the shops we help Naomi check her change and expiry dates on food.

Some days trips out that Naomi would not have been able to do without support were to the Botanical Gardens and the Garden Centre.

Naomi is a very kind person who was recently supported by us to go to the hairdressers to have 14 inches of her hair cut off in aid of a charity. The hair is sent off to make wigs for people who have suffered from cancer.

Naomi attends the Church, and is involved in volunteer work, and asked if we had any voluntary work placements, this was one of her goals when we started working together, Naomi has the name and number and is going to ring and speak to the Hub.
Naomi’s looks so well and happier and her confidence has grown since being supported by Midland Mencap.

Naomi feels much better and she is on top of most things and is attending all of her appointments. She now feels her Mental Health is managed well and she can now see the signs if she needs to seek medical attention.

Find out more about our Domiciliary Care Service by calling 0121 442 2944 or by visiting our website

Mary Hunt uses our Sitting Service. Mary is unable to go out alone, as her anxiety causes her to suffer from panic attacks. When Mary steps outside her door, she likes to be greeted with a friendly face. Mary holds onto the support workers arm for reassurance, when they arrive, but gradually walks around alone, with the support of her walking stick.

Mary is gaining confidence with every visit and is building her confidence to access the community. Mary has been supported to Birmingham Registry Office to obtain a copy of her Birth Certificate, which she lost many years ago. She was supported to complete the relevant forms and is really pleased that she now has her birth certificate to use as ID.

We have also supported Mary to attend her appointments at the Q.E. Hospital. Mary had previously tried to go alone and when she arrived at the hospital she could not face going into the hospital alone, turned around and got straight back into the same taxi. With our support Mary has successfully attended her appointment thus improving her health and well-being.

We halve also supported Mary to travel to Kings Heath to open a bank account so that she can pay her bills easier.

With our support to promote and encourage her confidence and independence Mary know likes to have a chat and a coffee in a café. She also likes to sit in the park and have her lunch and loves to go out looking around the charity shops.

Mary likes using our service, she feels “ It’s good to have someone with me for support and reassurance”, her confidence has increased and she feels more able to access the community on her own.

Midland Mencap, in conjunction with partner organisations, is organising a mass lobby at Birmingham City’s Council House to oppose planned disability service cuts #SaveOurSupport

Midland Mencap has today announced plans for the coordination of a mass lobby of disabled and vulnerable citizens outside Birmingham City Council House on Monday, 16th January at 10:30am to oppose severe cuts to housing support and prevention services, funded through the Supporting People Programme, for the cities most vulnerable people, with the key message #SaveOurSupport.

Anticipating the attendance of over 300 citizens, Dave Rogers, Chief Executive Officer for Midland Mencap, and organiser of the lobby comments: “Birmingham’s housing support and prevention services are vital, even life saving, for our most vulnerable citizens. These services are funded through the Supporting People programme and cutting them will be catastrophic”.

“The funding provides the means by which the Council fulfills its statutory responsibilities for the Care Act, Children Act, Homelessness duties, Health and Wellbeing and the Southwark judgement.

“The lobby marks a genuine watershed moment in the history of social care in the city of Birmingham and losing these services effectively abandons our most vulnerable citizens at a time when the Council claims to be a caring, inclusive city and the Prime Minister is talking about a vision for a ‘Shared Society’”.

The Supporting People programme is the Council’s single largest Health and Wellbeing programme delivered in partnership with the not-for-profit sector and has already been cut by 50%.

According to Midland Mencap and partner organisations the following social groups involved in the current programme to find and keep a home could be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless following the cuts:

More than 2000 people with mental health problems

More than 950 people with learning disabilities

More than 4200 vulnerable young people aged 16-25, including care leavers

More than 600 people with physical and sensory disabilities

(Can we add in the other vulnerable groups too, i.e Domestic Violence)

Birmingham City Council is consulting on the budget until Wednesday, 18th January with the scheduled date of the lobby timed to allow Cabinet Members the opportunity to reverse their plans.

During the lobby citizens will have the opportunity to hand in completed feedback forms and letters to the Council opposing the cuts with elected members confirmed to receive the submissions at the lobby on behalf of the Council.

Midland Mencap, which currently has five centres across the region, works and campaigns for accessible and inclusive services and a better quality of life for everyone with experience of learning disability and additional needs.

Offering three core services, ‘Safe, Secure and Quality Housing’, ‘Care, Support, Advice and Information’ and ‘Meaningful Things To Do’, the charity provides seamless and holistic support to individuals, their families and carers regardless of need, creating an environment where people are valued equally, listened to intently and included completely.

Lobbyists are invited to join Midland Mencap by 10.30am outside Birmingham City Council House on Monday 16th January to participate in the lobby.

For further information on Midland Mencap please visit midlandmencap.org.uk and show support for the campaign across social media using the #SaveOurSupport


If so please make a referral to the Supporting People Team today (Referral Form link below).

We provide Support Workers to assist with paying bills, budgeting, life skills, staying safe, health appointments & more!

Do you regularly attend meetings or come into contact with key professionals?  Please pass them our leaflet (Attached)

Need more information or advice?

Contact the SP Team directly – 0121-442-2944 / hcs@midlandmencap.org.uk – or visit us at 171 Alcester Road, Moseley.

Referral Form: sp-service-referral-form

Flyer: midland-mencap-supporting-people


We have been very busy organising the new arrangements to deliver Housing Support to people living in their own homes. Housing support helps people with the day to day things in their lives and helps them find things to do near to where they live.  We have worked very hard to welcome a lot of new citizens to the service as well as saying hello to new staff who have joined Midland Mencap from other organisations. Though this has been a very busy time we have managed to organise things very well and everyone is getting the support they need.