Supporting Naomi to help her to build her confidence and improve her health

7 June 2017
1 min read.

The Domiciliary Care Service supported Naomi to help build her confidence and improve her well-being after spending time in hospital, experiencing Mental Health issues.

At first an assessment took place and Naomi was very open about her past Mental Health issues, and the help she needs organising her paperwork and ensuring she attends her health appointments. Naomi is registered blind and finds it hard in life to do the daily tasks that we complete quite easily.

A professional friendly approach works well and Naomi takes the lead with planning activities for the day. Ordering prescriptions, G.P. visits and picking up medication and prompting Naomi to take medication is very important to her and with a little help finds it much easier to cope.

Naomi likes to go to the shops and is supported whilst out in the community to cross roads safely and Naomi will gently hold your arm for reassurance, whilst in the shops we help Naomi check her change and expiry dates on food.

Some days trips out that Naomi would not have been able to do without support were to the Botanical Gardens and the Garden Centre.

Naomi is a very kind person who was recently supported by us to go to the hairdressers to have 14 inches of her hair cut off in aid of a charity. The hair is sent off to make wigs for people who have suffered from cancer.

Naomi attends the Church, and is involved in volunteer work, and asked if we had any voluntary work placements, this was one of her goals when we started working together, Naomi has the name and number and is going to ring and speak to the Hub.
Naomi’s looks so well and happier and her confidence has grown since being supported by Midland Mencap.

Naomi feels much better and she is on top of most things and is attending all of her appointments. She now feels her Mental Health is managed well and she can now see the signs if she needs to seek medical attention.

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