What Benefits Are There to Volunteering?

1 June 2021
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What Benefits Are There to Volunteering?

Have you ever considered the benefits of volunteering? It can be a regular time slot in your week that allows you to develop new skills, connect with others and meet new people, and it can improve your mental health significantly. Plus, above all, it’s fun!
As Midland Mencap celebrates Volunteer Week, we’re sharing why you should become a volunteer!

Benefit 1: Connects with Others

Throughout Lockdown one area that many people struggled with is the issue of loneliness. By being unable to see friends and family, some people felt more alone. Now that restrictions are easing again, the opportunity to connect with people again can be offered.
By volunteering with an organisation or charity, you can meet new people and work on projects with them. Shared experiences are fantastic tools to build friendships with other volunteers and staff.
Jenny loves volunteering with us, at Midland Mencap. Find out more about her experience:

Benefit 2: Improves Mental Health

Volunteering can greatly improve your mental health. It can impact your self-confidence and esteem as you engage in new situations.
Having a regular slot to volunteer, potentially with the same time or task every week, for example, will give you a sense of purpose. Your focus can improve, as you work towards a specific goal in mind. Having a routine can reduce stress and anxiety, offering a calm, steady event in your social calendar.
In addition, volunteering can offer a chance to get outside and moving, which helps you stay physically active. From gardening to supporting large events such as Marathons or live sporting events, being a volunteer often means you’re on your feet and never standing still.

Benefit 3: Skill Development

Whether you’re in a job you’ve been in for years, or you are still in school or even are not employed at all, it is always worth developing your skills. Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to do this.
You can see the behind-the-scenes of projects and events, providing you with very valuable experiences. From going into the archive of a museum to working on projects for charities to handing out water bottles at live sporting events – all bring a unique skill set that you can learn and develop over time.

Often these skills are things that employers look for in interviews, too:

• Communication

• Organisation

• Being able to think on your feet in new situations

• Meeting new people regularly

Benefit 4: It’s Fun!

Overall, one of the best reasons to volunteer with a charity is because it is SUCH FUN!
You can dedicate a period of your life to doing something completely unique. You can make friends for life, from all over the country or even the world, just by spending some time volunteering!
Our volunteer, Noureen, says, “I am always enthusiastic to volunteer, and leave feeling like I’ve had a great evening!” Find out about her volunteering experience with Midland Mencap here:

If you would like to become a volunteer at Midland Mencap, you can enquire on our website. Or, you can visit Do It for more volunteering opportunities across the UK.